Opinion | How Nollywood Movies have introduced Nigerian Culture to the West

Where the European education system fails to highlight the brilliance and beauty of Nigeria’s culture, Nollywood is working to change this mindset

While it is, of course, the people who bring and share their culture with those around them, the presence of Nollywood movies in the Western world has not gone unnoticed.

Thanks to the media, these films are slowly but surely being projected around the globe. Nollywood is marked as Nigeria’s ‘second-largest employer,’ with the potential of bringing growth to the economy. Hollywood blockbuster Black Panther proved to be a huge success grossing close to $1.3 billion, making it the ‘highest-grossing superhero movie of all time.’ This is evidence of a demand for Africa’s untold stories, and the demand not only comes from those of African descent who have long felt under-represented in the movie industry, but also those who simply want to learn more.

The distribution of Nigerian movies has always been an issue, with many being subject to piracy. This leads to a decrease in profits, making it harder to fund future films, let alone films of greater quality. While this distribution system is popular across Africa and its diaspora, it fails to reach those who have no connection with Nigeria itself. In 2015, American media-services provider Netflix commenced the distribution of Nigerian movies on their streaming platform.

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