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COVID-19 funding resource & support for freelancers and small businesses

The world and global economy is in disarray as the response to the COVID-19 pandemic intensifies. Many in the creative sector are facing challenging times, budgets are being slashed, social-distancing policies are affecting those who make their income on the basis of physical interaction with customers. The creative sector is amongst some of the industries that has been hit hard in the face of the pandemic. In particular, many freelancers and small business owners are feeling the financial strain when trying to maintaining their health, abide to stringent lockdown measures and pay their bills.

Thankfully, the financial difficulties creatives are facing has been recognised. A number of organisations are mobilising resources for artists affected by COVID-19.

We've rounded up a few opportunities available for artists, freelancers and small businesses. We will continue to update this list regularly. Please vet the information provided accordingly to know if you are eligible for the fund.

If there are any other opportunities you would like to recommend please drop us an email

Financial Support and Funding - UK

Arts Council England Grant, UK

Universal Credit, UK

Bridging Bursary, Scotland

The Artist General Benevolent Fund

Society of Authors Fund

BFI x The Film and TV Charity Emergency Relief Fund

The Space Culture in Quarantine: Paid commissions

Facebook Small Business Grants Programme

Edge Fund

Guap Fund

Funds for Freelancers

The Civic: Artist Emergency Relief Fund, Ireland

Financial Support and Funding - International

BBK, Berlin

Citizens for Europe Funding

PRS Emergency Fund Relief, (International)

Format - The Photographer Fund, (International)

Gulbenkian Emergency Fund Covid-19, (International)

Social Assistance Fund for Artists, Poland

The Luminary Arts (Andy Warhol Foundation) - Emergency Fund, US

Patreon- What the Fund, US

FCA Emergency Grants Covid-19 Fund, US

Advice, Wellbeing & Personal Development Resources

Leapers supporting mental health of freelancers and the self-employed

Mind - Tips and advice for coping with stress and anxiety caused by Covid-19

Free OpenLearn Courses

Future Learn - Digital Skills for the Workplace (free courses)

Artquest- Tips for the self-employed

Citizens Advice Bureau

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