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At what point did you begin channelling your focus into photography and creative direction?

There was one point where I dabbled in many different things. I started off drawing and painting.I always took images on a disposable camera, any time I could afford to buy one, then I took photography at GCSE level. I have always felt the need to express through creating, so I feel in this sense I have always been a creative director.

How does identity influence your work? 

My work is a representation of my own identity. My imagination and past experiences come through as I create colourful escapes. My culture comes through in styling, casting and concepts. My emotions come through in every element.  A lot of my recent work has been based on  the notion of “belonging”, because belonging is something I rarely feel.

What’s the best piece of Nigerian slang you’ve ever heard?

The first one that comes to mind is “how far?”. This one left me baffled the first couple of times I was asked it. I was like “what do you mean how far? How far is what?”

"Belonging is something I rarely feel"

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