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How have the environments you have lived in influenced your style?

I’m of Sierra Leonean descent and was born in London. My family moved to Côte d'Ivoire when I was 6 months, and we lived there until age 11. I moved back to the UK for several years, then to Toronto. I also lived in Tunisia briefly during my teens.


Living in these places exposed me to different cultures, lifestyles, and sparked my interest in photographing people (mainly portraiture). As an artist it’s important to be open. You never know what could speak to you, challenge you, and inspire you.


My family have always been proud of being Sierra Leonean, I love to show as many representations of African people as I can in my work. My style comes from being open to global pop culture, artists, and various disciplines. 

At what stage in your life were you  consciously thinking about your culture, identity and sexuality?

I think living in Canada during my adult forming years (19-27) definitely opened me up to exploring these three themes in my personal life. Culture has always been a permanent fixture in my life, my Sierra Leonean heritage is ingrained in my being, exploring this has always been an unconscious thing.

Female and male sexual power are constant themes in my illustrative and photographic work. The exploration of identity and sexuality came naturally, through moving from Canada back to Côte d'Ivoire. The move was a big change, as I had not been back to Côte d'Ivoire since leaving at age 11. I had to re-experience this country I had loved as a child through adult eyes.

What projects are in the pipeline for 2019?

Back to doing large scale paintings, more exhibitions (including an upcoming one in China!)


Where do you call home?

Anywhere I feel at ease to create.

"Female and male sexual power are constant themes in my work"

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