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Where did you grow up?

I grew up between Paris and Douala.

What is your earliest memory?

I remember my first haircut in Cameroon.


From the terrace I saw a guy walking down the street holding hair clippers and a stool in one hand while the other hand balanced a board on his head with profile shots of different hairstyles. My father called him over cut our home to cut my hair. 

What more can be done within the European art scene for black artists to get the recognition that they deserve?

Black creators need more spaces for publication, representation and visual creation in the European art and creative scene.

That is why I think institutions would have more to gain if there were more representatives of the black community at the head of museums, galleries, art fairs, and creative spaces to showcase work and for the art to be understood. 

How do you see illustration techniques evolving in the future?

When I see the evolution of techniques and means of artistic and visual representation today, I think that in the future digital will take precedence over illustration itself.

In the course of my work the arrival of virtual and augmented reality may in the future, be able to imagine projects where an individual interacts with my work, moving from spectator to actor.

What themes do you communicate in your work?

The main theme of my work is "story telling" through a medium, movement and concept of representation located between the graphic, sensory, and visual space that I baptized the "Visual Methaphor Monochromatic".

"In the future digital will take precedence over illustration itself"

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