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Where did you grow up?

I'm of Igbo heritage. I was born in London but spent the majority of my childhood in New York.


Does the black artist have a specific “role” to play?

I think there is a role that people like to assign to black artists; to be outrightly political or to create work that is obviously African or black. But I personally don't think black artists have any role to play except for the ones that they want to - if they want to.


What narratives do you explore in your art and prints?

I explore the power of women, specifically African, more specifically Igbo women. I explore the richness of different Black cultures I've lived in and been apart of. Mainly just black life, which is really just life to me.


What's the best Nigerian slang or quote you've ever heard?
"Shine your eye", my mom says this a lot to me. Following this has gotten me opportunities and connections that have been important and also saved me from things that wouldn't have been positive experiences.

"I explore the power of women, specifically African"

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