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Thierry Oussou, Un sac pour tous, 2018

Where: Tiwani Contemporary, London 

Pictures Allowed: Yes

Kid Friendly: Yes

Open: Tuesday - Friday 11.00 -18.00, Saturday 12.00 -17.00

Price: Free Admition

Timelines is the first solo show at the Tiwani Contemporary gallery and in the UK for Amsterdam-based Thierry Oussou.  

Oussou’s debut show reflects on the relationship between past and present, and envisions how painting can function as a repository for culture. The exhibition features a combination of  large and medium-scale works on black paper, which illustrate the artist’s interest in mining past languages, traditions and objects for inspiration.


Distorted figures, objects, symbols and faces float freely against the dark backdrop of the paper. Oussou sought inspiration from drawings and scriptures observed from his environment - charcoal wall doodles made by playing children in his hometown Allada, Benin and the chalk markings recording remittances on the walls of his grandfather’s atelier.  

The artist unveils a distinctively gestural style with splatters, scratches and calligraphic markings, showcasing his fondness of the physical properties of paper, texture, shape and colour. In prior exhibitions Oussou has been known to present his pictorial artwork alongside sculpted tree branches and twigs, perfectly marrying visual manifestations and natural organic matter.

Where: Jeu de Paume, Paris

Pictures Allowed: Yes

Kid Friendly: Yes

Open: Tuesday 11.00 -21.00, Wednesday –Sunday 11.00 -19.00

Price: 10 € / 7,50 €


This summer French-Moroccan artist Bouchra Khalili exhibits a collection of videos, photographs and screen prints at the Jeu de Paume in France. The works pivot around language, orality, subjectivity and geographic explorations.


Each of her projects investigates strategies of resistance narrated by members of minority groups. Through her artwork, Khalili confronts history in order to question the arduous relationship between colonial and postcolonial history, contemporary migration - their geographies and narratives - and the imaginary world.

This solo exhibition at the Jeu de Paume brings together a large selection of her work spanning across the past decade. Exhibiting work includes The Seaman(2012), The Mapping Journey Project(2008-2011),as well as the series of Speeches (2012-2013): a trilogy of videos — Mother Tongue, Words on Streets and Living Labour, which focus respectively on the mother tongue spoken in Paris and its suburbs, citizenship in Genoa, and immigrant workers in New York. The photographic series The Tempest Society (2017) adds to the wealth of this monographic exhibition.

The Tempest Society,2017, video, Bouchra Khalili 

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