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The concept for Looking Glass Collective stemmed from a conversation I had with some close friends. In this conversation we discussed and debated about the lack of outlets for African-European artistry.

I wanted to emulate a digital space that mirrored the tone of voice I would have conversing with my friends: frank, unapologetic and a stimulating dialogue bouncing back and forth.


It's become way too easy to group together black identities, black cultures and black ideals. Of course, there are similarities, but we’re not all the same. Every black experience is different. I didn't intentionally exclude those outside of the African-European perspective, but the experience that matters the most to me is the one I have the strongest affinity with.

My dual Nigerian-British identity is something I’m proud of, and has significant influence on my outlook.

Furthermore, we’re living in increasingly radical times, so it’s imperative that we discuss and really understand what's happening in our communities.


Classism continues to prevails, racism is still deep within Europe's roots and its impact in the arts is explored on this platform. African-European artistry in every medium should be celebrated, and that's exactly what I plan to do.


Maggie Ibiam

Founder + Editor

Marvin Luvualu Antonio, Only a few posh people can afford art (2015)

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